10 More Movies Where The Reshoots Were Painfully Obvious

10. Justice League

Justice League Ben Affleck
Warner Bros.

No blockbuster in recent memory has been as decisively staggered by reshoots as Justice League.

With Warner Bros. panicking about the viability of the DCEU brand following the critical and commercial disappointment of Batman v Superman, the studio signed off on extensive reshoots to re-shape the movie's tone.

This additional photography was ultimately undertaken by Joss Whedon seven months after the main shoot wrapped, filling in for Zack Snyder, who was dealing with a family tragedy at the time.

Up to 20% of the film was said to be reshot, and at least as much is brutally evident in the mind-bogglingly rough, inconsistent final cut.

For starters, Ben Affleck's weight gain (as a result of entering rehab before reshoots) and different hair style are unfortunately quite apparent, with Whedon deciding to cut between principal photography and reshoots within the same sequence to jarring effect.

Elsewhere, Gal Gadot's hair doesn't match her hair from the original shoot (and may possibly be a wig?), but most infamously, Henry Cavill had to perform his Superman reshoots with a big, bushy mustache for Mission: Impossible - Fallout (which he was also shooting at the time), as was unconvincingly removed with CGI during post. Seeing Cavill's janky, digital lower-jaw drew immediate attention to every single reshot Superman scene.

And finally, there's the outrageously Joss Whedon-esque added subplot involving a Russian family who get caught in the middle of Steppenwolf's (Ciaran Hinds) rampage on Earth.

Whedon has a penchant for including random human characters the audience doesn't care about in his superhero movies in the quest for easy "human drama", and it's the most blatantly Whedon thing in the entire movie.

Even if you saw Justice League with no idea about the reshoots (somehow), it's insanely obvious that something is just off about the whole film.

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