10 Most Anticipated Original Horror Films 2019

9. Ma

Us Movie 2019

If there's anything that gets a horror fan's blood pumping in recent years, it's that shiny little sticker on a film that certifies it as a Jason Blum project. With Blumhouse churning out everything from Happy Death Day to Get Out, the company has more than proved itself worthy of the hype, so the upcoming film about a lonely woman befriending a gang of teenagers should rightly spark some interest considering the names attached to it.

Not only is good old Blum aboard, but Hidden Figures' own Octavia Spencer, and eerily similar Antonio Banderas lookalike Luke Evans - meaning the casting has been in excellent hands. Not much more is known other than said lonely woman in Ma has a taste for the torturous, revealed after letting a group of youths party in her home when strange instances make them start to question the integrity of their host.

It's still waiting on a confirmed release date, but rumour has it that we'll be seeing this one before the year is out.

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