10 Most Cursed Horror Films To Watch This Halloween 2020

8. Twilight Zone: The Movie

The Conjuring
Warner Bros

In 1983, Twilight Zone: The Movie was brought out to cinemas, inspired by the ever popular TV anthology series of the era. For many fans and audience members, the film had a big tragedy linked to its release, after a horrifying helicopter incident occurred on set causing three fatalities.

Director John Landis was known on set to be a controversial figure, cutting corners in safety and working his actors to the bone to get the best takes. He had fallen out with co-director Steven Spielberg around the same time as the incident occurred, causing even more tension from cast and crew alike when working with him during the week.

Despite windy conditions and being warned by the stunt and effects team, Landis called the go ahead for a helicopter scene, in which the vehicle would fly above the lead actor and two child actors standing underneath. Low and behold, the helicopter lost control and spun in the direction of the cast, killing them all on impact.

Landis was charged with manslaughter, and the accident triggered many health and safety regulations on set to be reinstated for future movies.


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