10 Most Disappointing Harry Potter Movie Moments

The Quidditch World Cup should've been SO much better than it was in the films.

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Though no one can deny the impressive consistency of the Harry Potter movies, the series frequently comes under fire from book fanatics who wanted a more faithful set of adaptations. In particular, The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix, and The Half-Blood Prince often receive a lot of criticism for the content they cut from the books.

What fans tend to talk about less, however, are those parts of the original novels that were adapted but failed to meet expectations. This is partly because the majority of Harry’s on-screen adventures were well executed. The set designs, the dialogue, the performances, and the music were rarely disappointing. But every now and then, a certain scene would stand out for failing to meet expectations.

More often than not, these scenes would deliver a more condensed version of the original depiction. Yet there were also some moments that were too experimental with the source material and the result was far from satisfactory.

Whilst the main plot was rarely altered, hardcore fans of the novels were sometimes let down by the on-screen version of their favourite Harry Potter moments...

10. Dumbledore’s Reunion With Harry – The Half-Blood Prince

Young Snape
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The third chapter of The Half-Blood Prince involves Dumbledore arriving at the Dursleys to collect Harry, and his very presence at Privet Drive throws Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia completely off guard.

Yet the Dursleys aren’t even featured in the movie adaptation. The film starts with Harry at a café in a train station, and after agreeing to go on a date with the waitress, Dumbledore shows up and promptly transports him to the village of Budleigh Babberton.

This may seem like a minor quibble, but in the book, there’s a lot of amusing dialogue between Dumbledore and the Dursleys and even Kreacher makes an appearance at one stage. It’s also satisfying to witness Dumbledore point out the Dursleys’ poor parenting skills and the negative impact they’ve had on both Harry and Dudley.

It’s not an essential moment, but it would have made for a more interesting opening than the one we got.

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