10 Most Disappointing Heroes In Movie History

10. Hancock - Hancock

Hancock600 I try to say something bad about Peter Berg's hugely disappointing movie Hancock in pretty much every article that I write, sometimes even when it isn't warranted, so I'm happy to this list gives me a genuine excuse to say that I was majorly disappointed with what we were served up here: Hancock, as played by that charisma-machine of a man Will Smith, could have earned a place in our hearts as one of the best comic creations ever. Alas, what we got was a tone deaf Will Smith performance that failed to make us either laugh or cry. You just kind of stared at this movie with a sort of frown stuck on your face. Hancock, as a character, just didn't work: what we needed was somebody to amuse us with his drunk antics, whilst simultaneously earning our affections. There could have been sequels! A prospering franchise! An utter waste of a great movie hero character, this one.

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