10 Most Embarrassing Fake Accents In Movie History

A_Horrible_Job-1 Being an actor means that sometimes you have to play a character from a country that is not your own. This also means that, should you want the part, you have to employ a "fake" accent, to help audiences to believe that you are not, in fact, Leonardo DiCaprio, but Danny Archer, a white Zimbabwean gunrunner living in Sierra Leone. Where actors are concerned, fake accents are good for two things: winning Oscars and getting ridiculed. So here's a word of caution, actors... as a member of such an esteemed group, approach the fake accent with caution. Just because Daniel Day-Lewis can do it time and time again, it doesn't mean that you can, too. Still, you have to admire anybody that tries to learn how to encompass something as personal and unique as "somebody else's voice" into one of their movie roles. Sometimes, if you're Meryl Streep, adopting an accent pays off in droves, and people end up showering you with praise because you somehow mastered "speaking German in a Polish accent" (seriously, she did that). Others aren't so lucky. The schmucks who should've stuck to speaking like themselves for the remainder of their careers. Because now their failures are sealed in cinematic history forever. For your reading pleasure, here's the 10 most embarrassing fake accents in movie history...
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