10 Most Emotional Moments In Pixar Movies

Pixar are the kings and queens of tearjerker moments...

Inside Out Riley

It’s been a quarter of a century since Pixar released its first movie (crikey, it still feels like 1995 should have been 10 years ago!) Pixar movies have always been known for their unique concepts and plot, beautiful animation, loveable characters and of course, the emotional toll it can bring to its audience. With 21 movies under their belt, Pixar has given us near endless moments to cry over, each one becoming more tear-jerking than the last.

And with its 22nd and 23rd movies about to be released this year with Onward and Soul, and both focused very heavily on ideas of death and the afterlife, we can expect to once more be reduced to a bunch of crying babies. And we love them for it.

So in honour of that, we're looking back at the biggest tear-jerkers in Pixar history...

10. “I’m Not Strong Enough” - The Incredibles

Incredibles Strong

Throughout the incredible superhero movie, The Incredibles, we watch the movie through the perspective of Bob Parr, going through a midlife crisis and wanting to reclaim the glory days he misses. We see him time and time again put his own needs first and neglect to spend time with his family, which leads to putting them in serious danger.

For the duration of the movie, it appears that what Bob cares most about is proving to the world that he is still as strong and heroic Mr Incredible, something that angers his wife Helen when he insists that she stay and look after their children while he goes and fights the Omnidroid. The scene plays out in a classical martial dispute, with Bob finally admitting the truth of his decision.

His line - “I'm not strong enough” - is when Mr Incredible finally admits that his strength is not based on his physical prowess, but the love he has for his family that he couldn't bare to lose again. The line carries a lot of weight that brings the pair together, unified as a married couple as they were superheroes at the beginning of the movie.


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