10 Most Emotional WWE Tributes

10. Paul Bearer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp1UYmLkEzI Paul Bearer is one of the most unique, bizarre and successful managers in the history of professional wrestling. Arguably, he's more iconic and recognizable than several of the talents he was tasked with managing, with his ghoulish voice, pale complexion and mysterious powers etched in our memories forever. Whether you remember him managing Vader, Mankind, Kane or the Undertaker or someone else, Paul Bearer is probably a name that instantly resonates in the mind of most wrestling fans. Most of us probably looked to the cartoon-esque, colorful, garish years of the WWF like we would a Saturday morning cartoon. Paul Bearer's death signified the true end of an era in that respect, it made us realize how many years ago those wacky years of early 90's WWF really are, the recent end of the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak could also attribute to that kind of feeling. For those who remember Bearer's wacky supernatural shenanigans on WWF programming, his passing was no doubt emotional, in one way or another.
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