10 Most Exciting Upcoming Movies Announced This Year

7. The New Gods

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DC Films is in dire need of another major hit right now, and fortunately, its diverse upcoming slate - Aquaman, Shazam, The New Gods and The Batman included - looks guaranteed to deliver at least one Wonder Woman-style success story.

New Gods was announced in March, with not much information revealed. But with director Ava DuVernay onboard, this is another example of Warner Bros/DC's new, filmmaker-friendly approach to their comic-book adaptations, picking up talented individuals like James Wan, Matt Reeves and David Sandberg and allowing them to carefully develop their movies and imbue them with a unique voice.

DuVernay did recently stumble with the underwhelming A Wrinkle In Time, but both Selma and 13th are fantastic movies, and with the right material, she's perfectly positioned to deliver the most refreshing, sincere DC movie we've had in ages.

And The New Gods does look like the right material. DuVernay is a fan of those characters, and it's a rich, vibrant world with hundreds of possibilities. New Gods like Big Barda and Mister Miracle are among DC's most powerful heroes, so the movie should be epic in scale while retaining that emotional core the director always brings.

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