10 X-Men Movie Moments That Totally Ruled

9. Mystique€™s Parisian Assassination Attempt (X-Men: Days Of Future Past)

20th Century Fox20th Century FoxWe€™re jumping from the oldest entry in the franchise to the new kid on the block. Days of Future Past showcases just how far the X-Men films have come since 2000 with the frenetically paced extended action sequence as Mystique attempts to assassinate Bolivar Trask. It€™s good to see that Mystique€™s agility and athleticism bridges the gap between her insecure younger self in First Class and the confident and capable fighter of the future, but the excitement really begins when Magneto decides that she has to die to preserve mutantkind. The ensuing fight scene is one of the most brutal in the entire franchise. Wolverine, whose presence is usually a literal reminder that some cast members just don€™t die, is incapacitated by visions of the Weapon X programme, and Erik clearly sets out to actually murder Raven. He drags her towards him via the bullet in her leg while she tries hopelessly to crawl away, only to be leapt upon by Beast, who€™s barely in control of himself while Raven is threatened. The gawking public and brief glimpses through their cameras add a certain voyeurism to the scene, which makes it uncomfortable viewing. It€™s strikingly different from anything which has gone before in this series, and although everyone makes it out okay €“ because of course they do €“ for a moment there death seems on the cards.

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