10 Most Hated Movie Characters In Recent History

8. Mark Zuckerberg- The Social Network

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The Social Network was truly the best film that no one knew they wanted. David Fincher's shockingly excellent Facebook thriller gave the world the inside track on the creation of the biggest social media site of the era, and also a new perspective on its creator, Mark Zuckerberg- and Fincher did not shy away from the flawed nature of the young billionaire.

Perfectly played by Jesse Eisenberg, Zuckerberg begins the film as nothing more than a socially awkward but incredibly gifted computer genius who happens upon the ingredients to a billion dollar idea. However, the following success sours his character to such a point that the audience can not help but turn against the protagonist.

Zuckerberg frequently makes selfish choices and confidently declares his genius at any given opportunity and the disdain quickly filters into the audience the more they see of the introverted tech-wizard. His betrayal of long-term friend Eduardo Saverin is a true low point for the character and served to truly sway the audience away from Zuckerberg. An excellently constructed character piece which led to so much hate toward its subject, and for good reason.


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