10 Most Hated Movie Characters In Recent History

7. David Duke- BlacKkKlansman

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Perhaps an easy choice given that Topher Grace played David Duke is a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan, but even outside of this pretty substantial black mark on his character- David Duke is a truly revile worthy piece of Spike Lee's excellent Black Kkklansman.

Perhaps the most striking element of Duke's reprehensible character is the casual nature with which he spouts his racist leanings. Duke is a man who fully believes that people who are different to him are also less than he is and he does not shy away from sharing those thoughts with anyone who will listen.

David Duke is of course a real person to boot which just magnifies the hate an audience sears onto the screen every time Duke starts with his hateful vitriol. It has to be said that the character is a huge departure for Topher Grace and he should be commended for his ability to embody such an inherently dislikeable and inhumanly hate-filled person.

David Duke's casual racism and inexplicable success in the political sphere combine to make a true monster of cinema that audiences couldn't help but hate.


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