10 Most Insulting Movie Sequels Ever

9. Saw V

Live Free Or Die Hard Bruce Willis

The Saw franchise is a complicated case. Many believe—critics in particular—that the intense psychological torment of the original film could not be topped and was best left alone, particularly after its barnstorming final twist.

Some more forgiving fans enjoy the sequels and wanted a chance to better understand Jigsaw and his many apprentices. Some revel in the increasingly inventive and outlandish torture devices. Some prefer to try and keep track of the ever-more-convoluted string of deceptions and double crossings that comprises the franchise mythology.

However, one thing unites all Saw fans, and that is disdain for Saw V. The limp fifth instalment started on a bum note, telegraphing its blatant twist within the opening half hour.

The film soon devolved into a series of less inventive kills, but also some truly unforgivable twists which made a mess of the franchise chronology.

Even the most generous viewer would have a hard time finding redeeming features in this dud, so it’s no surprise that later sequels and the eventual reboot were seen as improvements on Saw V’s disappointing performance.


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