10 Most Insulting Movie Sequels Ever

8. Men In Black: International

Live Free Or Die Hard Bruce Willis
Sony Pictures

The most recent instalment in the MIB franchise attempted to reboot the series for its fourth outing, but all Men in Black: International managed was to do was insult fans of the original.

Jettisoning aging agents J and K in favour of some new blood, the recent retool underestimated the importance of their chemistry. The film centred visual FX rather than the rapport between new stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, whose dynamic never gelled as they struggled with a sluggish storyline.

Despite the presence of heavyweight talent such as Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson, the plot was tension-free and directionless. The distinct lack of stakes wasn’t helped by glaringly obvious twist signposted throughout the film, but even without this issue the film was destined to flop.

Retconning the history of the titular organisation, the reboot went through development hell, with the original script being cut to ribbons and the film itself being so heavily recut that, at one point, two directors were working on separate edits of the same film.


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