10 Most Insulting Movie Sequels Ever

7. Lethal Weapon 4

Live Free Or Die Hard Bruce Willis
Warner Bros.

Lethal Weapon set the bar high for any attempted sequels, melding charming character comedy with gritty action and a genuine mean streak. However, returning screenwriter Shane Black managed to keep the franchise fresh with the first sequel, upping both the comedy and the violent action stakes without sacrificing heart.

Soon after though, Lethal Weapon 3 dropped the ball by refusing to pony up the requisite cash for Black’s services—understandable, given the screenwriter’s salary had shot up to nearer seven figures at this stage. The second sequel had its merits, though, and isn’t reviled by fans despite its softer tone.

Enter Lethal Weapon 4. Replacing the cynical black comedy of the first film with broad buddy comedy, the fourth instalment is as silly as a Beethoven sequel and about as exciting and intense. Lethal Weapon 4 was far from unmissable, relying on its aging stars and a struggling Chris Rock to prop up a plot which may have been bloodier, but was also more boring and predictable than its trio of predecessors.


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