10 Most Messed Up Horror Movie Monsters

9. Crawlers - The Descent (2005)

Hellraiser: Bloodline

Okay, there’s not much to these monsters apart from being really scary. But that’s impressive enough to make the list. When we first see one on the video camera screen? One of the best jump scares out there.

The Descent is a terrifying film. If the idea of potholing in pitch black, claustrophobic, subterranean caves isn’t bad enough, then why not fill them with flesh-eating humanoids?

What makes the Crawlers great is that their design makes sense - with pale, slithering bodies and bat-like features, they are totally credible as creatures that could exist underground. There’s no real need to explain them any further. And they are, like the film itself, utterly ruthless.

As the psychological and interpersonal dramas of the women unfold in the red depths of the hell-like caves, the Crawlers never cease their hunt. They are the secrets and traumas that we try to keep hidden in the twisting depths of our souls that eventually tear us apart.

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