10 Most Notorious Star Wars Urban Legends

10. The Millennium Falcon Broke Harrison Ford€™'s Ankle

Han Solo Force Awakens Star Wars Harrison Ford

Verdict: Untrue (probably)

Kicking things off with the latest - but surely not the last - urban legend to enter Star Wars folklore, it€™'s been well documented that Harrison Ford sustained a serious injury on the set of The Force Awakens.

Filming on the much-anticipated movie began in May last year, but just a few weeks into the shoot it was confirmed that Ford, returning as Han Solo, had broken his ankle - or leg, according to later press reports - in a freak accident on the Pinewood Studios set. J.J. Abrams rejigged the shooting schedule to accommodate one of his lead actors and ensure no delays were necessary to the December 2015 release date, but rumours quickly circulated about the circumstances that led to the injury.

Variety editor Marc Graser tweeted on the day of the accident that Ford €œwas injured by the door of the Millennium Falcon€ and is perhaps responsible for this scenario gaining currency. Nevertheless, while few concrete details have emerged, it€™'s extremely unlikely that there is any validity to the claim.

The idea that a film set would include a fully operational, heavy-duty door simply doesn€™t stand up to scrutiny, and a Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed officers had been called to Pinewood following reports of a man being injured in an incident involving a garage door. Han Solo getting injured by the ship he christened a €œhunk of junk€ makes for a good story, but that€™'s about it.


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