10 Most Overpowered Movie Characters Ever

9. Lucy

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Lucy’s whole story is that she’s overpowered, but in the third act this really kicks into overdrive. The basic narrais that Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy is a tourist and unwilling drug mule, kidnapped and knocked out while the package is sewn inside of her.

The aim is that as someone who is clearly an inconspicuous tourist, Lucy will get through terminals much easier. However, the plan fails when she’s spotted, interrogated and beaten; in fact beaten so badly that the drugs start to leak into her system and essentially give her superpowers.

The movie plays on the ‘ten percent of your brain’ myth, although it takes the concept much further than Bradley Cooper’s Eddie in Limitless. Rather than just accessing higher levels of concentration, intelligence and muscle control, Lucy becomes a transcendent creature.

She can transport through time, but it runs deeper than that; she is everywhere and nowhere. She was there before the Big Bang, she will be when all life is over. She’s like the Three Eyed Raven mixed with Doctor Manhattan with a little bit of ScarJo’s own character from Her thrown in there.

Lucy has arguably the humblest beginnings of anyone here, but she’s definitely OP by the end.

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