10 Most Overpowered Movie Characters Ever

8. John Rambo


John Rambo is such a cultural icon that the name itself has become synonymous with reckless, gung ho, macho behaviour, especially when vengeance is involved. Though he’s a bit of a cliche, he’s the best around and makes many other action heroes look like Rambo knockoffs.

The reason he’s became such a phenomenon though is because of the various extremes he’s survived in. Jumping into battle and gunning everyone down in sight without picking up so much as a scratch?

It’s not a glamorous, omnipotent being kind of overpowered, but considering he’s just an everyday soldier with big muscles, he’s definitely too OP for his opponents.

The good thing with Rambo is that we’re all expecting OP when we watch. Other characters on this list distort expectations in the wrong way to become untouchable, but Rambo is the action movie king simply because he’s so untouchable.

Apart from occasional opening exchanges when the story gets set up, there’s never any serious attempt at realism in Rambo; and there doesn’t need to be. Sly Stallone as a bullet sponge absorbing whatever his enemies throw before mercilessly taking them all out is the very essence of going Rambo.

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