10 Most Paused Lord Of The Rings Moments

9. First Shot Of Gollum

Ian Holm Bilbo
Warner Bros. Pictures

The former hobbit, Gollum, possessed the One Ring to Rule Them All longer than anyone, including Sauron. Despite playing a major role in The Hobbit and kickstarting the story of The Lord of the Rings, the wicked creature barely appears in the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Although Gollum is seen in the intro and the torture scene, his appearance is obscured. The first time we see him up close is when he is following the fellowship through the mines of Moria. As Gandalf tells Frodo how the ring corrupted poor Smeagol's mind, Gollum appears behind them, looming at his prey with his asymmetrical eyes.

Despite being ghostly pale in the sequels, Gollum is depicted in the first instalment with a blueish-grey tint. After Andy Serkis was cast in the role in The Two Towers, the filmmakers decided to make Gollum lighter so he matched the actor's skin-tone.

Even though Gollum's appearance is now common knowledge, viewers tend to pause on this moment to ponder how different the character would've been if the filmmakers maintained his original look.


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