10 Most Paused Lord Of The Rings Moments

8. Any Of Peter Jackson's Cameos

Ian Holm Bilbo
New Line Cinema

Before Peter Jackson bagged the director's chair over the LOTR trilogy, he was already known for appearing in all his movies, either as a bit part or a lead role. The filmmaker popped up as a punk in The Frighteners, an undertaker's assistant in Braindead, and "a Derek who doesn't run" in his directorial debut, Bad Taste.

Although he plays three separate characters in The Lord of the Rings, they are all as blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameos. In The Fellowship of the Ring, he plays Albert Dreary; a carrot-chomping man who the hobbits meet on the way to The Prancing Pony. In The Two Towers, he plays a Rohan warrior hurling a spear. (Although he's seen clearly in this scene, most viewers don't realise it's Jackson since his character is draped in chainmail.)

Many die-hard fans who saw The Return of the King in the cinema were confused since they couldn't spot Jackson anywhere. The reason why is because his scene was cut! In the director's cut of the final instalment, he appears as a pirate that Legolas accidentally stabs with an arrow.


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