10 Most Powerful X-Men Who Will Change The MCU Forever

10. Wolverine

Marvel Comics

Hugh Jackman was iconic as Wolverine, but his time as the clawed mutant came to an end in 2017's Logan. Now, it's time for Marvel Studios to find a new actor to pick up the mantle, and while that will be no easy task, they've never failed to exceed expectations in terms of casting (no one could have ever imagined how great Chris Evans would be as Captain America, for example).

This wasn't fully explored in Fox's X-Men movies, but Wolverine is unkillable, and can recover from being reduced to little more than a skeleton; in fact, it's believed that the only way to truly kill the hero is to separate his head from his body and keep them apart.

There's no one in the MCU with regenerative abilities like that, and a hero who can overcome anything means that The Avengers just got that little bit more powerful. Just imagine Wolverine taking on a Thanos or Ultron, and it's easy enough to see how he could have helped turn the tide for Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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