10 Most Powerful X-Men Who Will Change The MCU Forever

9. Iceman

Marvel Comics

Iceman's name probably isn't one you expected to see here, but Bobby Drake has only tapped into the full extent of his powers on a handful of occasions. There's more to him than just creating snowballs and sliding around on ice, and he's capable of both influencing the ecosystem of the entire world (creating a new Ice Age) and turning himself into a giant.

With the right writer, he's a legit badass, and even quite literally froze hell at one point. The early X-Men movies failed to capitalise on that, but Marvel Studios can change that by rightly making Iceman an Omega level mutant who can use his abilities to make this team a true force to be reckoned with.

It's inevitable that the X-Men will battle The Avengers at some point, and when they do, Iceman can truly prove himself. Outside of that, the face of many future fights will change with a hero who is able to freeze his surroundings and become an ice giant.

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