10 Most Ridiculous Turksploitation Movie Rip-offs Ever

5. Turkish Jaws (1983)

Turkish Superman
Anit Film

Another Cetin Inanc joint, Çöl ("Desert"), referred to as "Turkish Jaws” is more of a loose throwback to Spielberg’s masterpiece rather than a full on remake – the one scene towards the end of the film showing the “shark” and the theme from the original movie are most likely to blame for the offensive linkage to the Steven Spielberg classic.

The main character is played by some guy named Cuneyt Arkin, as a man who is captured by his foes and dumped in the middle of the ocean and his only means of survival is a piece of floating debris. His only desire is to swim back to shore and be reunited with his love interest, but in order to do that he must first beat the terror waiting for him beneath the waves: a monstrous shark...Or, a grimy floating object with sharp cardboard triangles for teeth.

Unsurprisingly, Arkins stab at the ultimate summer blockbuster actually made for a rather dreary film . Even when the lame shark reluctantly appears at the end of the film, it does very little in driving the story further. Check it out for yourself.

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