10 Most Ridiculous Turksploitation Movie Rip-offs Ever

4. Turkish Superman (1979)

Turkish Superman
Kunt Film

Turkish Superman is the ultimate production masterpiece. For starters, the movie was shot under just one week and in this adaptation, the man of steel's alter ego is not Clark Kent but Tayfun while Lex Luthor wreaks havoc under the alias, Ekrem.

After a mysterious prologue in a Christmas tree ornaments-filled "starscape", Turkish Superman is confronted with the revelation that he isn’t human but a descendant from an alien planet, and that he must fulfill his destiny and save the day by going against the mob.

Adding to this ludicrousness, there are countless awkward edits that make it almost impossible to tell what’s going on at times. For example when he flies, shots of a Super Ken doll are pepped up against the screen while a studio fan is used to simulate the wind that flaps his cape.

Tulgar’s unspectacular crack at the galaxy around Krypton with Christmas decorations was less inventive than grossly cynical. As he rightfully admits, “Yes, it was a mistake. I was just trying to find the easiest way. I could find a thousand ways to do something like that. But that was the easiest. I didn’t care about anything else. When I watch it today, I feel very ashamed.”

Entirely understandable.

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