10 Movie Characters With Laughable Weaknesses

So much for being super...!

Let's face it, every single character in every movie you've ever seen has to have a weakness, because that's just the way the world works. There would be no sense of danger and intrigue in any character who is simply undefeatable. For example, the reason why yours truly is never particularly excited for a new Superman movie is because there is literally no point in anyone attacking him unless they're armed with a piece of rock from his now destroyed home planet. That is why a Justice League movie is doomed to fail, as surely there a few obstacles in the movie world which the likes of Batman can achieve that Superman couldn't manage without even thinking about it. Aside from say, doing his paperwork, there is almost no reason for Superman to have a team of super chums by his side, he's going to manage quite well by himself. Whilst his weakness - Kryptonite - might be somewhat contrived, it does at least make things interesting whenever one of his foes manages to get their hands on the stuff. But it's not always the case that weaknesses make sense in the wider scale of a movie, sometimes they detract too far from the integrity of the character, and leave you unable to take the character, or sometimes even film itself seriously. So think of this as a guide for future reference, should you ever be placed in a situation where you need to defend yourself against anything even remotely similar to those included here, because their inadequacies might just save your life one day.

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