10 Movie Characters With Laughable Weaknesses

10. Hancock Can't Be Near His Own Kind - Hancock

As a movie, Hancock has a lot to answer for before you even begin to think about how to beat the titular superhero: it has to go down as one of the greatest wasted opportunities to make a truly original and funny superhero movie anyone will likely have a chance to make. And then you have Hancock himself, who, like Superman, can withstand an enormous amount of physical punishment, alcohol intake and hangovers that would slay a walrus without ill effect. However, he seems to suffer from that old TV soap chestnut of amnesia, and has no recollection of where he came from and who he actually is. Naturally, this is because he's part of a race of super humans, whose power only fades when they got close to each other, which is unfortunate for Hancock, as he starts takes a liking for - and what are the odds - the only other of his kind on the planet. Not only does it make for a sappy love story, but it is also entirely avoidable; if Hancock has amnesia meaning he didn't recognise his immortal partner, all she had to do to prevent the pair from dying was to move somewhere further away than the other side of town. Since she'd already decided to stay away from him when he didn't recognise her immediately after his accident, surely moving much further away couldn't have been that difficult?

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