10 Movie Characters Whose Haircuts Were Simply Ridiculous

9. Lloyd Christmas - Dumb And Dumber (1994)

New Line CinemaNew Line CinemaThe Farrelly brothers' directorial debut has gone on to be rightly regarded as one of the greatest studio comedies ever made, an endlessly rewatchable laugh-out-loud riot. Besides the barrage of both physical and verbal comedy, one of the strongest points of the movie is the chemistry between Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as dim-witted best friends Harry and Lloyd. Although Daniels' shaggy mane is memorable, Carrey edges the bad hair stakes with his now-iconic bowl cut. Normally an unfortunate haircut given to small children, the style suits the character's man-child personality down to a tee as you would seriously question the intelligence of a grown adult to thinks that this is a good look for them. The bowl cut, chipped tooth and Carrey's manic performance all combine to create an unforgettable comedy character, and 20 years later it seems that Lloyd has upgraded neither his wardrobe or hairstyle with the release of highly-anticipated sequel Dumb and Dumber To just months away.

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