10 Movie Characters Whose Personalities Suddenly Changed In Sequels

9. James Bond - The Man With The Golden Gun

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer

Roger Moore ushered in a new era of James Bond with 1973's Live and Let Die. In order to establish his own take on the character, 007 was tweaked in different ways such as the briefings in his apartment, smoking cigars, and even losing the Walther PPK.

But in the sequel, The Man With The Golden Gun, it seemed like the filmmakers were backing out on this fresh take on the character.

Bond acts cruel and outright vicious throughout the course of the film, such as when he threatens to shoot a man's private parts off if he doesn't give him the information. Throughout the picture, Moore's performance is out-of-place even compared to his more serious take in For Your Eyes Only. Another infamous scene, is when he confronts a woman named Andrea for information. 007 twists her arm and even gives her a slap to get what he wants.

Later on, Sir Roger Moore would admit his discomfort at Bond's portrayal in this movie. He explains that the filmmakers tried to bring the character closer to Sean Connery's version, but in doing so, made Moore's Bond unpleasant to watch.


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