10 Movie Deaths Only Explained Outside Of The Films

Everything wrapped up in a nice little package... kind of.

Azazel Dead Days of Future Past

When it comes to film, nothing is more irritating that when a character gets killed off-screen, or in-between features. Some characters are so unfortunate that they don't even get a simple explanation for why they passed on - the audience are just meant to nod along in agreement, take it on the chin, and get on with the rest of the story.

Though filmmakers have their reasons for disposing of these heroes, villains and supporting characters in between features, it's no less frustrating for fans - especially if they've developed a strong following along the way.

Whether it be because stars have passed away or left the project, running times constraining just who can be included in the feature itself, there's an abundance of characters who've ben left short-changed by this particular trope, leaving fans to search other media to find the answers as to why, exactly, they never returned on the big-screen.

It’s frustrating and interesting in equal respects, and with countless novels, spin-offs and marketing campaigns to go off, the amount of deaths that’ve been explained outside of the films really is silly.

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Content Producer/Presenter

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