10 Movie Deaths Only Explained Outside Of The Films

10. The Leads From Retribution - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil Retribution
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The Resident Evil franchise has never really been faithful to the series of games on which it was based, but that looked as though it was finally being addressed in Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth (fifth!) entry in the series. The film ended with series lead Milla Jovovich stood atop the White House alongside classic Resident Evil characters Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, ready to face the unending hoards of the undead.

It seemed as though the sequel would finally focus on the major characters from the video games themselves, only when it released, they weren't to be seen. They suffered the worst fate of all - an off-screen death.

The Final Chapter opens with the status quo fully in place and does nothing with the prior film's climax. Instead, the likes of Leon, Jill and Ada Wong were killed off, and the explanation as to why only came in the film's official novelisation.

Jill had her brain torn to shreds by one of Wesker's tendrils, while Leon and Ada were both absorbed by a monster that never appeared in the films, called the Melange.

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