10 Movie Details That Aren’t As Important As You Think

9. The Parents' Divorce - Jurassic World

The first Jurassic World film brought Jurassic Park kicking and screaming into the 21st Century to... mixed results.

The first film was absolutely fine. It was basically a remake of the original, but it was fine. However, in amongst the genetically modified dinosaurs and general mayhem, you may have let one detail slip your mind.

At the beginning of the picture, we meet Zach and Grey, two young boys who will be central to the movie's plot. They're off to stay with their Aunt at Jurassic World, presumably because their parents are going through a divorce.

After the film's events unfold and their kids are nearly eaten on several occasions, the couple seem to settle their differences as they are seen holding hands when they are reunited with the boys.

Unfortunately, we never find out if they actually get back together, because they aren't in any of the subsequent offerings.

The divorce plotline goes absolutely nowhere. It doesn't play into the film whatsoever, is easily resolved, and never appears again. Was it an attempt to garner some more sympathy for the boys? Well, if it was, then it categorically did not work.


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