10 Movie Details That Aren’t As Important As You Think

8. The Spinning Top - Inception

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Christopher Nolan's excellent Inception is all about reality and how we as human beings perceive it. That is the entire basis of Mal's character and is one of the main thinking points of the narrative.

That is why is does not matter whether or not Cobb's totem stops spinning or not.

The film ends with Cobb seemingly back in the real world and reunited with his children after many long years. However, due to the mind-warping events of the movie, he can't be sure that what he's experiencing is real.

He spins Mal's spinning top, which would spin indefinitely if he was still in a dream. However, Cobb decides to ignore the result, leaving the audience without a definitive answer.

Whilst some fans are desperate to know if Cobb made it out the dream, whether or not he did isn't the point.

As far as he can tell, he's home with his kids again, a goal that has driven him throughout the entire movie. He doesn't care if they're real or not; as long as he's with them, he's happy.

So we probably shouldn't care either.


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