10 Movie Posters That Lied To Your Face

Movie studios will do just about anything to get your money.

X Men The Last Stand
20th Century Fox

When you're looking forward to a film, everyone handles it a little differently.

Some of us want to soak up all the anticipation by watching every second of footage that gets released. Some of us avoid the trailers as much as possible so we can go in completely clear of expectation. That being said, whether you head to the cinema or boot a movie up on your streaming service of choice you can't avoid at least seeming some kind of marketing image.

Movie posters have been a long part of the industry. After all, how else are we going to make our choices on what films deserve our money? It's arguably the most important part of a movie's marketing and a poster can make or break a film's financial success.

What's one fool proof way to guarantee to bring people in? Show them something exciting... even if it's all lies.

Over the years many films have outright fibbed about their contents to us in order to get us to part with our cash. Sometimes it's a sneaky little misdirection and other times getting away with boldfaced lies.

The film posters on this list made promises they couldn't keep and you'll never get your money back because of it.

10. X-Men III: The Last Stand

X Men The Last Stand

Before the MCU kicked open the door for any combination of Marvel characters to grace our screens, we had the X-Men trilogy.

Getting excited for the X-Men films was kind of like waiting for a new Pokémon game to come out. What kind of new friends and enemies would we see this time? Each entry in the franchise included new mutants from the back catalogue of the comics and The Last Stand was no different.

Angel, with all of his boyish good looks and his luscious wings, was a big part of the marketing for the film and appears on every single poster clad in the X-Men’s leather uniform.

It feels like Ben Foster probably only got to wear the outfit for one day however and that was for publicity shoots as during the runtime of the film Angel never dons the outfit. Promising a new member of the X-men team on the poster does not reflect the movie’s course as Angel’s story never really sees him cross paths with the movie's heroes.

Additionally, the poster also features Cyclops all suited up and ready to fight. This is a blatant red herring considering he’s killed off unceremoniously 25 minutes into the picture.


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