10 Movie Reveals That STOPPED You From Walking Out

These twists stopped you from noping out of these movies.

Malignant Annabelle
Warner Bros.

A big climactic reveal can make or break a movie - get it right and it'll put a neat bow on an already compelling story, but screw it up badly enough and folks might even consider walking out.

Yet on considerably rarer occasions the opposite is also true - sometimes a film just flat-out sucks for one reason or another, only for an unexpected reveal to blindside viewers totally out of nowhere and restore their interest.

Good twists sometimes happen to bad movies, and that's absolutely the case with these 10 films, which dropped some attention-grabbing reveals that ultimately prevented audiences from tuning out or even turning the movie off completely.

From rug-pulls nobody saw coming to unexpectedly clever and satisfying twists, these reveals were far more fun, interesting, and downright ridiculous than the otherwise forgettable or even downright awful film preceding it.

The lesson here? No matter how dreadful a movie seems, there's always the possibility - however slim - that it's holding an epic ace up its sleeve.

Then again, if you gave up on these films before these reveals happened, nobody's going to judge you too harshly...

10. Lucinda Is In On The Con - Derailed

Malignant Annabelle

Let's kick things off with the watchable yet mostly forgettable thriller Derailed, which centers around an advertising exec, Charles Schine (Clive Owen), who embarks on an extramarital affair with a similarly married woman, Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston).

Charles is eventually blackmailed by a man named Philippe LaRoche (Vincent Cassel), who has kidnapped Lucinda and promises to kill her if he doesn't pay up $100,000, which Charles promptly does by taking the money from an account funding his daughter's medical treatment.

Pretty typical erotic thriller fare that doesn't merit much of your attention, right?

But at this point Charles heads to Lucinda's work and finds that she actually goes by the name Jane, before discovering that a picture of her daughter she showed to him was actually cut out from a brochure.

And then, the shoe finally drops - Charlie tracks Jane down and spots her kissing LaRoche, confirming that she was in on the con from the very beginning.

It's a twist that relies on the audience's overall perception of Jennifer Aniston - she very rarely plays villains, and is far from the most natural fit for a femme fatale.

As such, it comes as a genuine shock, all the more so as Jane is then shot and killed during a climactic gunfight between Charles and LaRoche.

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