10 Movies From Cannes 2021 We're Hyped To See

9. Cow

Titane movie

Andrea Arnold’s new documentary about the harsh realities of bovine farming practises is unflinching, combative, and brilliantly realised. That perhaps isn’t too much of a surprise coming from the director of Fish Tank and American Honey, with Arnold a filmmaker who’ll never shy away from a difficult or disturbing subject if the story needs telling.

This is certainly a timely tale, with environmental and ethical queries regarding our relationship with the animal kingdom more prevalent than ever before. Arnold is a canny enough director to know that she doesn’t have to preach, though. Her camera does the talking: much of the film is voiceless (we barely see a human being throughout), and the action tells us all we need to know about the practises we’re faced with.

It’s not an easy watch, nor an especially fun one, but it cements Arnold’s status as a filmmaker of real vision and daring. Its goal isn’t to make you change your viewpoint, your diet, or your lifestyle, but simply to empathise with its subject - in this case, to look into, and through, the eyes of a cow.


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