10 Movies That Hated The Statue Of Liberty

9. Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

The 50th anniversary of the original Godzilla served as a sort of all-star reunion, with both actors and monsters from previous instalments returning in various capacities for Final Wars. The ridiculous plot features mutant soldiers, an alien invasion and defrosting Godzilla in the South Pole but the movie still manages to find the time to show us a battered Statue of Liberty. With dozens of monsters unleashed upon the world, who exactly is responsible for decimating Lady Liberty? It's that damned Rodan. Under alien mind control, of course. We don't get to see the destruction of the statue on screen but we do see the iconic structure lying in ruins, the flying kaiju showing his disdain for popular tourist attractions as he goes about his business of annihilating New York City.

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