10 Movies That Hated The Statue Of Liberty

6. Judge Dredd (1995)

The Statue of Liberty at some point during the third millennium made her way over to Mega City One and unwittingly served as the base of operations for the Janus Project, a nefarious operation that cloned a monosyllabic Joseph Dredd and his evil over-acting twin Rico. After Rico kills hundreds of people and threatens to unleash an army of clones, the two Judges trade cringe-worthy dialogue and battle in a laboratory that I'm pretty sure you couldn't fit inside the statue's head. Rico seems to have the upper hand as Dredd dangles precariously from Lady Liberty's face, but luckily the villain is easily distracted by bright lights and a well-timed flare gives Dredd the opportunity to throw his evil twin to his death and deliver another awful one-liner. As well as the obvious hole in the skull and smiley-face graffiti, the cosmetic damage to the Statue of Liberty extends to an entire laboratory full of DNA samples, clones and robots inside the head. Luckily, this is by no means the most ridiculous thing about Danny Cannon's horribly misjudged movie.

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