10 Movies That Could Win Best Picture Next Year

10. The Girl On The Train

Ever since the Oscars expanded the number of Best Picture nominees, it€™s managed to find room for at least one more 'out-there' inclusion. The Girl On The Train could be one of those, a crime thriller with enough potential mass appeal it could be the popular genre pick next year. Based on the immensely popular book, it follows the voyeuristic Rachel who rides the train in and out of New York City every day. Routinely spying on the same couple as she passes their house, she's horrified when she sees what she thinks to be a murder occur, immersing herself into the investigation and watching her life fall apart as a result. The film will no doubt be touted as the next Gone Girl. It certainly has the talent to back that up, with Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson the leads and Tate Taylor behind the camera, who surprised everyone with the positive reaction and Best Picture nomination he garnered for The Help. It just remains to be seen if this movie can do what Gone Girl could not, and actually challenge for Best Picture.

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