10 Movies That Ignored Shockingly Simple Solutions

8. Batman Vs Superman - Give The Spear To Wonder Woman

Limitless Bradley Cooper
Warner Bros.

Batman Vs Superman is a movie that unfortunately even with the release of its rather excellent extended edition, still suffers massively from a few lapses in logic.

One of the most obvious of those would be giving the only weapon that is capable of killing two of the people on the battlefield to one of them so they can kill the other with it. In this case Superman vs Doomsday.

Superman has already done his fair share of heroics just trying to get the dam kryptonite spear back up to the surface, and even love interest Lois Lane recognises that if he stays near it much longer, it will probably kill him.

So why didn't Superman just fly up into the atmosphere and have another cosmic sunbed as he did earlier in the film, before coming back to take over from Wonder Woman in keeping the beast occupied, and just let her deliver the killing blow?

It isn't like Superman gets back into the action quickly whilst carrying the spear as he is so weak he can barely fly whilst holding it. Hell even Lois picking it up and charging straight for the monster would have made more sense given that it was pretty well subdued by Wonder Woman's lasso and Batman's Kryptonite grenade at the time.


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