10 Movies That Made No Sense If You Watched Them In Other Countries

9. John McClane's Racist Sign Was Edited For International Markets - Die Hard With A Vengeance

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Nobody who's seen Die Hard with a Vengeance will ever forget the bleak early scene where John McClane (Bruce Willis) is forced by terrorist Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons) to wear a sandwich board in Harlem bearing the slur, "I hate [n-word]."

However, for TV airings and some international releases, the scene was edited to read "I have everybody," which ultimately causes what follows to make hilariously little sense.

While it's easy to understand why Harlem's predominantly Black residents wouldn't take too kindly to a white man transmitting a racial epithet, in the international edit there's no logic to them flying off the handle and getting up in McClane's face.

"I hate everyone" is such an innocuous declaration that McClane would probably be ignored by most people - especially in New York of all places - and so for Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) to tell the kids in his store to call the police before McClane gets killed is absolutely absurd.

This, combined with the Black gang's highly offended reaction to McClane's sign make no sense in the edited version, and at worst it can even be construed as unintentionally racist, implying the Black men were excessively quick to violence against McClane.

Worse still, given that this scene is vital in introducing McClane to Zeus and setting the rest of the film's story in motion, it's just difficult to accept that Zeus would even bother talking to McClane if his sign simply read "I hate everybody."

The smarter solution would've been to change the sign to read "I hate Black people," which keeps the meaning largely the same but strips away the slur.


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