10 Movies That Predicted The Future

9. Airport Body Scanners - Airplane II: The Sequel

Airplane II is by no means a good film (in fact, it's a hugely disappointing sequel), but it did get one thing seriously right in spite of its silly tone. The film presents a world in which full-body scanners are ubiquitous in airports, giving airport security a naked video of whoever passes through the scanner, much to their delight. Naturally, the personnel in the film ensure to pick out the most attractive women to walk through the scanner, making for a briefly hilarious moment in this otherwise underwhelming flick. And in the last few years, similar scanners have been implemented in airports the world over; though they obviously don't provide an image of you as clear and graphic as in the film, it is an X-Ray-type image that nevertheless will reveal intimate imagery of your body. True to the film, countless airport staff members have already been accused of sexual harassment while using the technology.
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