10 Movies That Were Almost Completely Unrecognisable

10. Jurassic Park 3 Was Once A Teen Slasher With Dinosaurs

The plot of the upcoming Jurassic World is such an obvious idea for a sequel it€™s amazing it took so long for the filmmakers to think of it. At one point during development they got so desperate a script was written that featured a SWAT team of human/dinosaur hybrids. Somebody got paid to write that. And taking a step back, Jurassic Park 3 had just as much trouble coming up with a story hook. One plot had a group of teens stranded on Isla Sorna, before a script about Alan Grant investigating pteranodons attacking people on the mainland was settled on. He and some new characters end up crash landing on the island and running into more dino trouble. Sets for this version were built before director Joe Johnston scrapped it. With five weeks to go before filming a feeble rescue plot was stitched together, which explains why Jurassic Park 3 feels like set-pieces in search of a point. And if the showdown with the Spinosaurus is a tad anti-climatic, that€™s because it was supposed to reappear at the end. It would attack the rescuing marines before two T-Rex€™s came along and killed it. This moment would reveal the T-Rex killed earlier was the baby T-Rex from The Lost World. This ending was cut for budget reasons.
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