10 Movies You Should Only Watch Stoned

Time to "enhance" your movie watching experience.


Remember when you were a kid, and watching certain films was truly a magical experience. Whether you were in awe over the basic special effects of E.T. or blown away by the huge explosions in whichever edited-for-television Schwarzenegger movie your parents let you watch, it didn't take much work on your part to be entranced by movies.

As an adult, that's a little harder. We've seen everything before and have become cynical about whatever we haven't yet seen. So sometimes, it's helpful to look to some "natural" assistance to make the movie-watching experience magical again.

Some movies are practically tailor-made for the stoner crowd, because some filmmakers have taken to creating movies that reveal an extra special layer that can only be truly appreciated in the right frame of mind.

Just to be clear, these don't have to be "stoner movies" either. Not every film you watch while getting high has to be about getting high. In fact, some of the best movies to escape into while stoned have nothing to do with weed.

The following movies invite you to sit back, toke up, and take in their finer qualities that you just wouldn't understand as much if you were sober.


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