10 Movies You Won't Believe Are Already Getting The Remake Treatment

American Psycho Remakes and reboots are the bane of the filmic world - is there anything less worthy of your cash than a reprise of something that already exists, and probably in a better form? Arguably not, although occasionally Hollywood does manage to inject a remake or a reboot with some actual flair, and we get things like Batman Begins and the new Red Dawn. Nah, I'm just kidding about Red Dawn. But I mention that one because it's a great example of a remake both unnecessary and terrible. What's even weirder about it, too, is that even the original movie sucks. Go figure. Remakes usually happen when Hollywood remembers that something old has probably been out of the limelight for long enough, and why don't we bring this back and use it to make some money? Now and again the notion of an older film being rendered for modern audiences actually sounds intriguing, because it's not always a dumb idea to re-imagine something from the past with a contemporary spin (Ocean's Eleven, for example). But there's a limit to how soon movies should be remade, and the 10 upcoming remakes we've assembled here feel way too premature... Shouldn't we wait at least 50 years to remake anything? Or better yet: how about never?

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