10 Movies You've Probably Never Seen (Featuring Breaking Bad Cast Members)

9. Laura Fraser - The Boys Are Back (2009)

Laura Fraser The Boys Are Back

Besides playing the incredibly antsy (yet somewhat vicious) Lydia, Laura Fraser is best known for playing Kate, the female blacksmith in A Knight's Tale. Fraser also had a role in the Australian/British film The Boys Are Back, starring Clive Owen as Joe Warr, a British sports writer who lives in Australia.

Fraser plays Warr's second wife Katy, who passes away early in the film and sets up the father-son drama that unfolds from there on. The film is a typical by-the-numbers melodrama which is probably why it didn't see much success. However, the acting is rather good and if you just want a feel good movie where you don't have to think too much about the story, you can do a lot worse than The Boys Are Back. Check it out.


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