10 Musical Biopics Hollywood Needs To Make Next

10. Madonna


Who Could Star: Margot Robbie

Hollywood actually is making this one next, though Madonna herself is none too happy about it.

In 2017, Universal Studios began pushing ahead with a Madonna biopic, despite the singer actively trying to block to project. Entitled Blonde Ambition, the movie is set to tackle Madonna’s early years in the ‘80s, when she first made her mark in the music industry.

The ‘80s were undoubtedly her peak, seeing her release hits like Holiday, Borderline, Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, Material Girl and many more of her biggest selling songs. Focusing on this era is sure to bring in her fanbase, and does have some interesting narratives, but it leaves a lot out, too.

Her rivalry with Courtney Love, marriage to Guy Ritchie and her children (two naturally born and four adopted) all fall after this decade, so we wouldn’t be getting a complete story so much as a deep dive into a single era.

Many outlets reported her own daughter Lourdes Leon as front runner for the role, but considering Madonna’s apparent distaste, this likely won’t happen. Margot Robbie transformed into Tonya Harding and could certainly do the Queen Of Pop Justice too.

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