10 Obviously Uninsurable Actors Who Insist On Doing Their Own Stunts

If you want Jason Statham's respect, you apparently have to do your own stunts.

Sometimes, if you want something doing right, you have to do it yourself - even if that means putting your life at risk. It's the length a number of huge stars go to when it comes to action in their movies - they want their faces on screen when their characters are performing incredible feats, and getting a stunt man (or woman) to stand in for them just wouldn't be authentic. Of course, the people holding the purse strings - the producers and financiers who pour millions of dollars into their productions - can't think of anything worse to their investment than losing the leading actor, and the insurance companies representing them dread the idea of an A-list actor seriously injuring themselves - or worse. Naturally, they do everything in their power to avoid such situations, often denying actors the right to perform their own stunts. But some actors end up getting their own way, and the pay-off for diving into their craft and taking such risks is worth it. It's a far cry from the ever-present use of CG and green screens which tend to dominate Hollywood movies, bringing with it a realism that draws the audience in. Here are 10 actors not afraid to get their hands dirty and perform stunts that few people would dare attempt...

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