10 Opening Movie Scenes NOTHING Like The Rest Of The Film

9. Mulholland Drive

Kindergarten Cop

To be completely fair to David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, it's an amorphous enigma of a movie wrapped inside a riddle by design, and really no two scenes are all that much the same.

But the opening two minutes are an especially marked diversion from the uneasy surrealism that pervades throughout the rest of the picture.

The opening scene is a peppy, upbeat montage of couples dancing the Jitterbug, composited somewhat garishly against a purple background, before we catch a glimpse of protagonist Diane (Naomi Watts) seemingly emerging the victor of the dance-off.

Like everything else in Lynch's film the precise meaning of this scene is elusive and the director wouldn't have it any other way, but it's certainly a moment quite unlike anything else in this dark, dreamy mystery noir.


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