10 Other Comic Book Movie Crossovers We're Dying To See

Avengers vs. Justice League

With the news over the weekend that Zack Snyder will be directing a Superman-Batman crossover movie, the Internet pretty much broke amid all the speculation that was going on. It got us thinking, though - which other comic book properties would we love to see get the crossover treatment? It's a sign of the times that this could now become a trend; Marvel spent years getting to grips with their characters before tackling The Avengers, and as filmmakers become more confident with handling these sorts of projects, it makes sense that they're going to opt for more and more ambitious takes on the material. The world of comic books is chock full of weird and wonderful crossovers ranging from the awesome to the ridiculous, many of which would be a blast to watch on the big-screen, if only for the sheer WTF factor. Here are 10 other comic book crossovers we're dying to see...

10. X-Men & The Fantastic Four

X-Men & The Fantastic Four After Marvel Studios blew us all away with their superb treatment of the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems like everyone is trying to leap on the bandwagon, and why not? As Warner seek to assemble a Justice League movie, Fox are trying to fashion their own Marvel Cinematic Universe under the tutelage of Mark Millar, who will act as a "Godfather" as Fox tries to bring together their two Marvel properties, X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Though we don't know much yet about how this might work, one can assume that it's more a long-term goal given that Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot first has to hit the right strides, but with a man like Millar on the payroll - given the success of Marvel's Civil War comic book arc - it's safe to assume that this is one that will come to fruition eventually.

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